Host a traveler: a small gesture means a lot to her!

What an amazing experience to bond with women from different cultures! You will receive messages from solo female travelers coming from all around the world who want to meet you and discover your city or region.
You may suspend your profile and reactivate it later, in one click, at any moment.

7 reasons to become a host

Receive women from all walks of life

Share a privileged and friendly moment.

Make discover your territory and its nuggets

Travel without leaving your home.

Enter into a community of trust.

Participate in the emancipation of women

Free registration and unlimited support

Who are our solo travelers?

There are many reasons that motivated women to travel solo. From releasing themselves from a routine that no longer suits them, to getting out of their comfort zone!
To seek this freedom won by men and refused to women for a long time. Solo travel is more than a touristic trip: it has helped women seek the freedom they have been refused.

Unexpected encounters

Indeed, it is an inner journey, the rediscovery of oneself!
Solo travel will help them connect with themselves and other people. Many have used our platform for their first trip, and pushed their boundaries within a safe and friendly environment.
A real women empowerment program!"

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Why should you become a host?

Why should you become a host?

Whether you live alone, with your partner or your family, you may not feel the need to travel solo. However, you understand that the other women who do travel, need safety and your support.
You will generously welcome them into your home, become their guide during their stay. Most importantly, you will create an authentic relation with your guest.
Everytime you host a solo female traveler, you also take an active part in woemn empowerment. And who knows? The desire of travelling on your own may come later!

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From registration to hosting

To become a host, you have to register first. Then you will take the following steps to become a validated host:

At the end of the member registration or from the menu at the top of the page, click on "Become a Host".

A new step-by-step route helps you complete your profile. At the end of it, your profile host is subject to moderation.

Our team checks your host profile before validating it. Once your profile is validated, travellers can contact you.

We will take good care of you!

Our hosts are precious to us. They all take part in the liberation of women. We are aware that they generously open their doors.
This is why our solution has been designed in order to value our hosts and promote human values. To connect supportive women together and develop a trustworthy community.

You inspired us from the start

We learn a lot from our hosts and are often impressed by their motivation and enthusiasm.
We try to give back this same energy by taking every message and phone call to heart.
This is how me make sure that our community suits them.

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What is SisterHome?

What is SisterHome?

SisterHome is an online platform launched in 2019 by Christina Boixière, a solo traveler from Taiwan who has been living in France for 5 years.
During her trips, Christina noticed the one thing that was stopping women from traveling solo: the lack of safety. This is why she left her position as a sales director and created SisterHome.
With her solo traveler husband and co-founder, Derek, by her side, they both feel committed in their mission: helping women push their boundaries through solo traveling.

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