La Voyageuse - Why is it a company rather than an NGO?


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Choosing to create a company rather than a non-profit association for La Voyageuse is a choice that is long-thought out. We can think that the associative model allows us to manage more easily - and with more credibility - our values ​​of mutual aid and solidarity. The truth is, starting La Voyageuse as a company seemed obvious to me ... for many reasons: 

<h2>1. Propulsion on an international level</h2> 

The goal of the Voyageuse is to quickly become international so that women around the world can travel solo safely. Scaling up is the ability to move quickly from a national to a global level. Building such a network requires resources. More importantly, keeping it running is extremely essential. A company can bring onboard investors to obtain the necessary financial resources. These investors are of course motivated by a potential profit, but they mainly choose to bet on a project in which they really believe, with values ​​they share. It's up to us to choose the right people to support us in this adventure. And these people, they may be our users ... What do you all think of setting up crowdfunding in capital to allow you to invest in La Voyageuse? It’s also a way to open it up to the whole community. 

<h2>2. Controle and rapidity </h2> 

When we talk about association we immediately associate them with offices, staff, assemblies, interminable decision-making ... A functioning well maladapted to the speed of the digital. In a startup, however, you have to be extremely reactive and responsive. However, above all, by being a majority shareholder, I keep the control. As a woman, an experienced solo traveller just like you, I am the guarantor of the respect of the values ​​brought by this project. That's not all: I'm also a sales director who is used to negotiating with businessmen. I want to reassure you that I steer the project and will stay in the course to make you honoured being a part of us. 

<h2>3. An assumed profit</h2> 

My main objective remains the emancipation of women around the world. To make a real impact on a project with such an ambitious goal, financial means are needed. To act, to carry out actions at a cost. If La Voyageuse develops as I imagine, it could become a real French unicorn and generate profit. To make this project available to a more just and fair world is my biggest wish. A world where women can all live freely and can be treated equally as men, through concrete actions and funding associations involved: of that, I would be proud. 

<h2>4. We don't make plans based only on assumptions</h2>  

For the moment, La Voyageuse has just started its journey towards its final destination. The support of our community is precious to us: without it, nothing would be possible. The coming year will be decisive!

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